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Be Better with the Right Colour

To live, work and interact in an environment that is unique, functional and beautiful is often sold to us as 'the dream'.  A dream that usually comes with a high price tag.

Wouldn't it be better if you get to live the dream - with accessible prices?  It can be done - through the intelligent use of colour and design. 


Colour Harmony is part of the new wave of Democratic Design.  

Democratic Design is design for everyone - not just the wealthy.  It truly considers the lifestyle of the people who need it and improves their quality of life in some way.   So the emphasis is on quality at accessible prices. 

For us, that means understanding how colour and design influence behaviour - and making it work for you.  

We try and use what you have around you first. We look at what you can up-cycle.  It's not always necessary to start with a blank canvas. Good sustainable design means taking care of the environment while improving the wellbeing of the end user.  


Using our design skills and experience, backed by more formal qualifications, we can help move you to another level - enhancing the life of the people who live, work or interact within your space.  

As independent consultants, we work with all brands to get you the best solutions for your project.

Get in touch or book online today to find out how we can help you.

"Colour, when used with intelligence, can enhance the life of the people who live, work or interact within a given space"

 For a business, your online presence has never been so important.  Colour sells - and the right colour sells better.

Colour Marketing Group


Since 2013, Colour Harmony has been helping both domestic and commercial clients become a better version of themselves, through the use of colour.

At a domestic level, we help clients create a space they can't wait to come home to.  We also specialise in helping set up work spaces from home and getting homes ready for sale.

For commercial clients we help them see the value in creating a creative workspace for everyone, including clients/customers to interact.   This results in increased sales, reduced staff absenteeism and higher rates of productivity.  

We also help commercial clients with a brand refresh - where we get involved with the design of websites and social media messaging.  There is no room for error with an online business.    The messages and images/videos need to be congruent, authentic and a cut above the rest.  

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.