Did you know you can design a room around an accessory?

Often its the best place to start.  If you're going through all that effort to get the

floors and walls ready - its time to add the WOW factor - ART. 

Because everyone's taste is so unique with art, l take more of a backseat here

You can consider me your personal curator though.  Here's where I help

Our commitment is to partner with you to find outstanding works for your needs, while also helping you meet budget and overall design concept goals.  Set yourself apart from everyone else.  The right size piece of art - in the right place in whatever style, subject and medium you desire.  Find your new favourite artist and commission an art piece if you prefer.  

We partner with supplier Saatchi Art and you’ll benefit from:

  • Expert curation and advisory services

  • Access to a global community of artists

  • Tiered trade discounts which are passed on to you

  • Discounts on larger orders

  • Custom sizes and new commissioned works

  • Exceptional customer service with deep experience in handling orders

  • World-class shipping experience

With Saatchi Art you have access to global artists - photographers, painters - originals or prints,  scupltures, drawers and collagers.   As the world’s largest online art gallery, Saatchi Art is thrilled to help people everywhere discover, fall in love with, and own one-of-a-kind paintings by some of the most talented emerging artists from around the world. 

I also work with other select artists for commissioned work.  

Whatever your taste, we'll find the right art piece to complete the look, feel and mood within the space.

Image courtesy of Saatchi Art

For something really different 

If you're ready to create your own ART - click here 
Learn online in your own time.  Discover how to make art with your own Powerful Design & Personal Colour .  A brilliantly executed course with 10+ hours of video demos and presentations.  Follow up with artist Pamela Caughey through FB and conference calls.  This course comes highly recommended for non-artists or artists of all levels to take your art to another level - whether you're a beginner or advanced.   


Wellington | New Zealand

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