Learn some colour and design fundamentals - you'll be amazed at the results

We'd love to share some great tips and secrets that help your home become the unique space you'd love to be in. 


Avoid costly mistakes.  Put an end to indecision and all that angst.  Get what you like.  Because living with a trend that is not you, is never a good choice.   In these sessions, we cover things like basic colour theory/colour schemes and design elements so you can pull a room together.  Then we look at various design styles and how you can mix them up to give you some ideas.  In other words, learn the rules, so you can break them.  Whether you are starting fresh, or working with what you already have, you'll know what makes the difference. 

Please read our Terms & Conditions here. Sorry no refunds.  We can offer a credit to attend another time under various circumstances.  

These sessions are popular.  But if you've missed out - no problem.  We'll be running more every month.  Simply register on the wait-list and you'll be first in line for the next session.  

For those who prefer to watch the session in their own time and comfort, especially if you are from a different time zone, you can sign up for the Live Stream event.   


Available early 2021.  


Just put your name on the wait-list and you will be advised when available.  


If you've missed out, or the dates don't suit, please take the time to fill out the information below.  You'll be given the opportunity to purchase tickets before the next available session is advertised.

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  • Watch in your own time and comfort
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    Learn some colour and design fundamentals and you'll be amazed at the results. Watch this session in your own time - in your own comfort.

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