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Updated: May 13, 2019

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Define your Colour Personality

Understand your personality/lifestyle then what that space will be used for

I'm always asked "what is the right color"?

And without wanting to sound glib, there are many answers - it depends on individual taste and the purpose of your space. But I've got several ways to help you work out that perfect colour for your situation. One starting point is to start with what you can't change - I've addressed that in this quick 3 min read in Advice from a Colour Consultant.

Another is to work with your color personality. We'll talk about that in this blog. Its useful when you are looking for a complete palette to create flow and unity in your home. That doesn't translate to mean neutral - or boring.

You may only be revamping one room or area, but with a little bit of foresight - you will save time and money. So stop for a moment and don't rush into a decision you'll have to re-do later on.

In fact - keep an eye out for trends in interior design 2020 moving away from Less is More - to More is More. As Robert Charles Venturi said "less is a bore". But remember, you are your own person - express your own taste and personality in your own way.

Sherwin-Williams has the Colormix for 2019 and this is a great place to start. “Our intent was to ask ourselves, ‘If this palette were a person, what kind of person might they be?’ Making it important to bring forth a forecast that is personal and aspiring, yet attainable–how all design should be.”

“Every colour in the… forecast, whether alone or when combined with others, tells a different story, a different riddle or different song, similar to the honesty found only in a written journal,” said Sue Wadden, Director of Colour Marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

So what "color person" are you? Let's start with this inspiring video

This 42-colour palette can be divided into six themes, or colour journals: Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur. Together, the journals are fresh swipes of colour that are key for 2019 colour and design trends.


Palette influences: Rings of Saturn; Artificial Intelligence; Space tourism; Healing Energy

There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Featuring mostly cool tones with a surprising hit of mustard yellow, Shapeshifter is described as “visionary and creative.” Well-suited to modern interiors with clean lines, this palette reaches into the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. Shapeshifter’s aesthetic is about the mystical, from the deep sea to the galaxy and everything in between, and it’s rooted by strong geometrics and clean lines.


Palette influences: Carefree Bohemian; The High Plains; Unbridled Adventure; Southwestern Twist

Wanderer is for the person who will never be fenced in, who needs to soak in the endless horizons and subtle earthy tones of the high plains. Clays, caramels and browns come from canyons to worn leather and woven wool blankets of the true New West. “The Wanderer palette is sun-washed and warm,” said Wadden. “It brings you to a modern desert made of one part cowboy, one part Scandinavian style that produces a luxurious result.”


Palette influences: Reading Nooks; British Accents; Tweedy Menswear; ’60s Nostalgia

Like a bookcase of leather-bound literary classics, this pedigreed palette evokes nostalgia and timeless traditions. Copper and gold anchor merlot and grey. The tailored tones are elegant and classic. “When we say ‘Aficionado,’ it evokes an emotion of what is best-in-life, well-worn and bespoke,” said Wadden. “It is ostentatious without being fake or showy and has the right amount of charm to make it feel tasteful.”


Palette influences: Maximalism; Cosy Chaos; Over-the-Top Opulence; More is More

For those who go against the grain, break the rules or are more free-spirited than the status quo, the Enthusiast palette brings maximum attitude and yet produces harmonious results. As the name suggests, Enthusiast is exciting–described as “a scene-stealing spectrum.” The mix of gold, green, red and blue is catered to those who aren’t afraid to experiment with colour. Use the hues in unexpected ways, like a painted ceiling or vibrant front door.


Palette influences: Forest Mushrooms; Botanical Prints; Butterfly Collections; Terrariums

Nature lovers can connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. Subdued and vivid just like nature itself, this bouquet of “freshly picked colours” features pinks, greens and greiges.

“From conservancies to hothouses, Naturalist brings you into a chic, French woodland,” says Wadden. “It’s a place where colour never fades.”


Palette influences: Desert Oases; Global Style; Luxury Safaris; Spice Markets

The word ‘raconteur’ means storyteller en français, and this rich “atlas of colours” is inspired by storytellers from around the globe. From the plains of sub-Saharan Africa to the spice markets of Marrakech, it’s a palette that “spans space and time.” These rich, desert-inspired hues–from rich red to muted mauve–remind us how we’re all connected by the ancient art of storytelling.

Where to from here

You can't beat the advice from a professional. From where-ever you are in the world - help is close by so you avoid costly mistakes, save time, overwhelm and get the result that makes your 'home a space you can't wait to get home to'.

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