Shhhh....Top 20 Interior Design Secrets

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We'll keep it simple. Make use of these Top 20 Interior Design Secrets to get the designer look. Then it's up to you if you share them or not.

But one things for sure. You'll be getting plenty of comments and questions about why your home looks so great.

  • Space. Leave enough of it including walking room around furniture. Get rid of 'stuff' if you've got too much - unless you're going for the Boho look.

  • Scale. Have the right size furniture for the space. This may mean you get a smaller round dining table for example. A different lounge suite configuration to fit the wall size. Or change the size of bed. Or a new piece of furniture in the hallway - or leave it out altogether. Getting it?

  • Upscale one key accessory. You can break the above rule with an over-sized art or lamp or some interesting piece.

  • Create a cosy sitting area. if you have a large area pull the furniture away from walls to create a cozy area where people can talk and easily reach coffee/side tables. Your room doesn't have to be built around a TV.

  • Colour. Use the colour wheel and pick a scheme eg monochromatic, complementary, analogous. Certain interior designs work within restrained palettes. Read more to understand the basic about colour here

  • 60:30:10 Colour Rule to create balance. 60% in a room is the dominant colour (ceiling, floors,walls), 30% is the secondary colour (you can break this into 15%-15% to introduce an extra colour) and 10% is accent colours.

  • Apply the Golden Ratio. Divide a space into 2/3 for one section and 1/3 for remainder.

  • Odd numbers create interest. 3 is a great example e.g. group things in 3 on a coffee table. Even numbers create symmetry.

  • Repetition to create harmony. Use a colour strategically to pull a room together. (It may be in the accessories/brass features/spots of colour etc). See how pink is used in the image below.

  • 70/30 Design Rule. Mix up design styles by using 70% of one style mixed with 30% of another eg Industrial mixed with Vintage or Mid Century Modern with Asian

  • Dark rooms. Use deep, rich hues. Lighten with accents and layered lighting.

  • Flooring. Using continuous flooring throughout areas makes a space feel bigger. You can break up areas with rugs in open plan design.

  • Get the rug size right. Bigger is better if unsure. Measure your space before purchasing but consider the room orientation as well as furniture arrangement & placement. Tips here

  • Lighting. Mix it up. Use mood lighting but have enough for working/practicality.

  • Use different textures especially in a neutral palette. Rugs, pillows, throws etc

  • Art. If a large piece isn't working in your budget, make your own out of fabric or striking wallpaper. Or purchase smaller 'ready made frames' with mats and fill them with fabric/wallpaper . The way you hang them together makes it interesting and the frames provide unity in the space.

  • Use colour in unexpected places like open cupboards or shelving/bookcases

  • Use your ceiling as a 5th wall. Consider painting the ceiling an interesting colour too. It does depend on the style of home & height of ceiling, but if done well - will make your room feel bigger.

  • Curtains. Hang them high to make the room feel more spacious.

  • Make a feature of framed photos of all sizes/shapes. Unite them by having all B&W images or similar coloured frames.

So that's it. The Top 20.

Well OK just one more..... before you go spending $$$ create a mood board. Use textures, paint colour chips, fabrics. carpet/flooring samples to stimulate your imagination and see how they work together - or not.

Pinterest is a great tool for this. Our Colour Harmony boards may get you started. There's tons under the Colour Inspiration board. If you don't know where to start just randomly pin and pin and pin what-ever catches your eye. Then take a look at it again later. You'll start to get an idea of what you like and what works together or not.

Then you can always break the rules !

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions. Or if you'd like to book an appointment online.



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