What is your Interior Design Style?

Updated: May 13, 2019

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Industrial style is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve the raw, edgy style.

In the last blog we looked a little into colour personality. We could talk all day about that and colour psychology. But today, I thought we'd start looking into the different Interior Design Styles.

Research tells me there is about 8 or 22 styles! Guess it depends who you talk to. We'll focus on each one in separate blogs and by then I'll have worked out the essentials.

Let's start with Industrial... a real favourite of mine. In industrial-style living, one large open room with high ceilings and few walls comes pretty standard. Often, furniture is used to define room boundaries, like bookcases, tables and benches. You may think you need high ceilings or be lucky enough to live in a warehouse or loft - but I hope you'll see ways of integrating this look into your design whatever style of home you have. If you like the look we can make it work.

At the bottom of page you'll find images that are not in a Warehouse or Loft setting.


Industrial design became popular in the 1990’s as many city centers started enjoying a refurbishment by converting old manufacturing facilities and warehouses into apartments and multi-unit residential buildings.  Instead of covering up or removing all the remnants of the space such as brick walls, exposed pipes and electrical wires and putting in interior walls, developers created large, open units preserving the old floors, walls and keeping much of the pipes and wiring and beams exposed resulting in what is known as industrial home decor.


Raw and unfinished look

A mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors

Utilitarian objects

Large sectionals

Antique or light fixtures with metal finishes

Use of vintage, old factory and laboratory pieces

Wood and metal surfaces

Concrete flooring and/or stripped back floorboards

Dangling metal fixtures

High ceilings

Sparse furniture pieces

Distinguised Design Features

The warehouse aspects such as revealed pipes and metal fixtures. In fact, you’ll find a whole lot of metal throughout this design because that’s one of the most common materials you get with factories. You’ll see stainless steel and even burnished metals that may look a little more worn. This can take place in the accent pieces that are on the walls or it will be present in the furniture or even in the materials that are being used throughout the space so you get a lot of warehouse-inspired accents. If you like the rough feel you want to be where this type of style is because that’s going to emphasize everything. Rather than getting the ceiling or wall coverings that are standard in most houses you’ll have a lot of open spaces in this style of a house including beams and poles.


Concrete, wood, metal, exposed pipes, metal & wooden accents creating a rough feel. Exposed pipes, stainless steel through kitchen & framing different pieces or areas.


Focus on metal aspects over anything else. Some leather accents or fabric coverings to emphasize the rough appearance of the metal and other surfaces. There may also be a little bit of wood in the pieces that you see. Everything is going to be in more clean and bold colors which could vary from white all the way to black. That means you’re going to have crisp and clean lines because of the industrial feel.

Rustic colours and leather add a touch of warmth

Decor Accessories

You won't find a lot of extra pieces because this style is clean. Rough hewn aspects and metal aspects here and there. Lots of empty space instead of clutter. This means you’ll have more industrial aspects including industrial style lighting and even commercial style kitchens. You’ll find a lot of open shelving that holds utilitarian pieces. The accessories that you find here are generally going to be very useful and they are going to use accents that are common to the warehouse industry as well. This is extremely popular and easy to find. You may see metal stools and chairs that feature leather accents or a little bit of cloth. Primarily, you’ll see things that are commonly used. There aren’t knickknacks in this style and most of the items that you have will be darker in color such as gray and black. These colors are common throughout the industrial scene, as well as mesh style accents and rivets.


It's all about pendants, wall sconces, and track lighting when going for an industrial look. As much natural light as possible with sky lights and huge windows. Anything that looks original, like it was installed in the house decades ago is what you're trying to achieve. Matte black or raw metal finishes tend to work particularly well.


A “warehouse look” that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished. This look isn’t just for “unfinished” or large open spaces. In fact, many design enthusiasts who celebrate upscale interiors are incorporating industrial style into their homes through features such as stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures and vintage furniture.

Many designers may use statement lights or pieces of abstract art, rugs and photography to add in a pop of color and delicacy. The industrial interiors are often described as ‘truly rustic and mature’ considering it thrives on the liberal use of wooden elements and exposed steel.

Expert Advice

" Industrial interiors aren't precious in the slightest, which means you'll never feel the need to tiptoe around or be too careful in your home, but remember - this is your home and not a factory. Layer in textiles, art and rugs for a lived in look that's inviting to you and your guests. I love to pair a vintage turkish rug with industrial style lighting & furniture - the contrast makes it interesting"

Natalie Marchbanks, Interior Blogger.


For those of you who don't live in a warehouse or loft situation, here's some images to show how the Industrial look can be incorporated into your space.

Thanks to the following for use of images:

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The Wow Decor - 25 Amazing Industrial Living Designs

Hunker - What is Industrial Design?

Next blog we'll take another more in depth look at another Interior Design Style.. perhaps a real contrast with Boho or Vintage - which actually both would work with Industrial. You could apply the 70% 30% rule - mix up 70% Industrial and 30% your other choice. I'll see you then and in the meantime I'd love to hear your feedback or how you're getting on with your own personal style. Message me if you're getting stuck.

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