A great gift for someone you know who owns their own business or is planning on starting one.  With this initial one hour consultation we get to understand where they are at with their online marketing.  


It's always a good time to look at the messages a business is sending - or not sending - with brand imagery.  

People make sub-conscious buying decisions within 5 seconds.   With colour being the first thing that influences these decisions, there is no room for error or sending mixed messages.  

A website and social media presence needs to be exceptional to gain and retain clients/customers.  It needs to be congruent and authentic.


We help people avoid the traps that come with poorly designed, cluttered websites that are not customer-centric or optimised for devices. We keep it simple and get the basics right - when so many don't.


The gift card covers the initial discussions only.  After this one hour consultation we could decide if we would be able to work together to make sure the right messages are being sent to the right audience.  An indication of pricing would be given at that point.


This is a great gift for someone who may not be tech savvy, simply doesn't have the time and wants to focus on other parts of their business.   

Gift Card Brand | Website | Social Media

  • The gift card will be sent to you as a PDF file

    An email link is sent with an expiry of 30 days