Be Better with the Right Colour

We offer our colour design service to both domestic and commercial clients.

Working with the principles of colour psychology and design means you will see positive results in no time at all.

It can mean you don't need costly renovations or solutions.  We work with what you have as much as possible.  

We also offer eBooks on Colour & Design Secrets  and  Setting up Your Workspace where you learn the rules - so you can break them like a pro. 

Our aim is to help you achieve your own look and feel.  Because living with a trend that is not you, is never a good choice.

Take a look below to see what is on offer. 

Orange Neutrals

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Interior Design

Domestic Interiors

If you're in the middle of a room make-over and its not working - it could be the wrong colour value  combinations. 


Or you simply may not know where to start to get the cohesive look and feel you're after.


We can advise on the entire colour palette for your interior, not just one room.  So you have the overall concept worked out.  You can then make changes as your time and budget allows. 

As an additional service, we offer a Style Your Space option, where we help with the placement and upcycling of furnishings, art and decor.  The touches that really make a home come together.

For both home interior and exteriors we will work with you to get the best outcome.  

Getting homes ready for sale is where our expertise comes into play.  Offering economical solutions to appeal to the market and get the best bang for your buck, without over-capitalising.

Commercial Interiors or Exteriors

At work you need a well designed environment or a space that offers a truly unique experience for your clients/customers. 

There is a saying that holds true.  "Colour sells and the right colour sells better." Colour Marketing Group.


We can work with you to work figure out the best environment for you, your employees and customers to interact.  

The right colour will change behaviour in a positive way.  Reduce staff absence, increase productivity creativity and sales.  Who doesn't want that?

Domestic Exteriors

For help with the best colour options for your home exterior.  This can include decks, fences and any other external buildings on your property to give it more street appeal.

We also specialise in advice for getting homes ready for sale.

Home Exterior


Brand, Websites & Social Media Design

It's always a good time to look at the messages you are sending - or not sending - with your brand imagery.  

People make sub-conscious buying decisions within 5 seconds.   With colour being the first thing that influences these decisions, there is no room for error or sending mixed messages.  

Your website and social media presence needs to be exceptional to gain and retain clients/customers.  It needs to be congruent and authentic.


Avoid the traps that come with poorly designed, cluttered websites that are not customer-centric or optimised for devices. We keep it simple and get the basics right - when so many don't.


Let us work with you to make sure you are sending the right messages to the right audience.

Fashion Spreads
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what people say

I'm really happy with it thanks so much.  It really feels cozier than before.  I must admit all day today I was concerned how the room off the hall would look - as we went darker in there as well. I got home and slowly opened the door to be very pleasanlty suprised.  Its great and like you said "it won't look too dark" & it really doesn't.  The other 2 bedrooms look heaps better, much fresher and just ties it all in.

— Adele, Homeowner